When existing buildings undergo any kind of structural alteration, they need to be stabilised in order to ensure the safe and cost-effective execution of the project. Any partial demolition or structural alteration needs to be carefully considered to ensure there is minimal risk of collapse.

There are many construction projects that demand stabilisation, such as the removal and replacement of structural elements like columns, the creation of new openings, and the reduction of loadings on other parts of the structure. Other common reasons for temporary stabilisation are reinforcement of party walls during the demolition and development of buildings next to each other, or to make additional work space available by reducing or eliminating the need for traditional temporary mechanical props.

Propping and needling offers the ideal solution for all structural alterations and provides necessary lateral restraint to unstable buildings. Buildings of a certain age are prone to decreased wall stability as a result of older construction methods, and any refurbishment will typically require temporary support.

We provide a versatile and proficient service that ensures safe refurbishment, formation of structural openings, the transfer of load during column removal, back propping and more. Our super-slim props offer a high leg load to weight ratio and can be used to support unstable buildings as all manner of structural work is carried out. Our props can enable complicated transfers of loads at several locations throughout a building, and can help to facilitate major alterations and demolition work.

One of the most important contributors to a safe and successful refurbishment is the competence, knowledge and experience of the team carrying out the work. Our team consists of skilled and qualified professionals with the ability to complete even the most complex projects. Every aspect of our work is carried out to the highest possible standards and focus on the integrity of the structure is maintained throughout.

Our aim is to offer the creative temporary solutions our clients need, and we strive to deliver the finest quality services at all times. Propping and needling can ensure all structural refurbishments are undertaken safely, and our proven products can deliver a wide range of practical and economical benefits to your renovation projects.