The collapse of an unstable building needs to be avoided at all costs whether it is to be regenerated, demolished or left untouched. To achieve this temporary works need to be installed throughout the structure to provide the required support.

The supports must be designed to suit the individual qualities of the building and be able to handle the full load that is placed on them for as long as they are required to be in place. The importance of the temporary works means they should always be designed by an experienced specialist with the appropriate knowledge.

Each project will be unique and there will be a number of factors to consider before suitable temporary works can be designed. Information such as the age of the property, the building materials, the condition, and the previous use are all important. A structural assessment will be required to highlight weak spots and areas of concern so that the right supports can be selected. A risk assessment is also necessary to help create a plan for the project, including how to gain access and install the temporary works safely.

There are a wide range of different supports to choose from. They can include vertical and lateral shoring, needling to support structural openings and propping to retain facades. It is crucial the right ones are chosen for each part of the property, ensuring the works support the structure and prevent a collapse from occurring.

At Denon Construction we have a wealth of experience with structural refurbishment and unstable buildings. We have helped clients across the UK with all kinds of projects, including retaining structures, supporting them so they can be regenerated and allowing safe demolition to occur. We are always happy to share our expertise and can deliver a solution to suit the unique requirements of a huge array of projects.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the temporary supports we deliver keep the structure stable whilst also allowing the work to take place. Our team can offer advice about planning and help you to achieve your goals safely and effectively. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation.