Structural support is absolutely crucial when it comes to regenerating a building or a vital piece of infrastructure such as a bridge. The supports are needed to retain the structure whilst changes are made, ensuring it is stable and safe to work on. They need to be put in place right at the beginning of the project, following an assessment of the stability and risks.

Incorrect supports are a major cause of uncontrolled collapses. The mistakes with them can vary greatly, including the wrong placement, incorrectly calculating the loading, and failing to ensure the system that is used is in the right condition. Each of these issues can be avoided by working with a dedicated, highly experienced specialist like us though.

One of the big worries people have with structural support is the amount of space the props will take up. They need to be placed effectively where they can retain the structure but still allow people to make their way around to do their work. Some systems can take up a lot of room and cause issues. Slim Shore is a great choice though. The props are compact yet have high loading capabilities so they can tick all boxes.

We are very proud to use Slim Shore on a wide variety of projects. The system is reliable and offers great support for many types of structure. If space is even more limited we have a Super variant available. This is even more compact and saves additional room. With both options you can have confidence the props will retain the structure and remain stable, especially with people working around them.

If you are planning a regeneration project you can call on us for advice and a comprehensive service that can deliver the structural support you need. We are highly experienced and will find the perfect solution for you. We recommend contacting us early in your project so we help you to maximise safety and minimise the health risks.