Whenever the structure of a property is being altered, safety is a priority, particularly if the project is a renovation. Appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that the project can progress safely, including conducting risk assessments and putting health and safety measures in place. In order for this to happen it is first essential to know as much as possible about the structure itself. This information is vital and could include topics such as the purpose the property was previously used for, the loading, the condition of the materials and what alterations and modifications have been made to it over time.

The very first thing to do is conduct a structural survey of the property in question. Enough time needs to be given over to gathering as much detail as possible. The survey should be done by an experienced structural specialist to ensure they inspect the building properly, gather usable information and don’t miss any details.

Once you have the information about the structure you require, you can determine what kind of structural propping and support is needed. During structural renovation it is crucial that supports are in place to prevent collapses, particularly when changes are being made to floor layouts and walls. This should be done before any other work begins.

Uncontrolled collapses generally occur when suitable propping is not put in place due to a lack of research and planning. Properties tend to be surveyed less frequently than civil engineering works. Older ones may be in even more danger of cracking or collapsing because there has been more time for materials to deteriorate. There is also a higher chance that changes have been made over the years that may have affected the loading. All of these possibilities need to be taken into account when planning renovations.

At Denon Construction we have extensive experience of structural propping and have been involved in the industry for many years. We can offer advice to all kinds of clients and also provide a selection of structural support systems to reinforce properties during structural renovation. If you would like additional information about structural propping within renovation projects please contact us and we will support you.