The preservation of older structures is important, and restoration plays a crucial role in this. Old structures have a lot to tell us about our history, and preservation promotes respect for the people that went before us and the progression of architecture throughout the years. As well as preserving aesthetically unique and functional structures, restoration offers many other benefits.

There is widespread concern for environmental issues, and restoring old buildings is the ultimate form of recycling. It is important to construct new sustainable buildings, but restoration projects also offer many eco friendly advantages, reducing the waste produced by construction and saving money that would be spent on new materials.

Making sure that old buildings remain standing is also beneficial for the economy. Historically important and iconic buildings attract tourists, and architecture retains a spirit that keeps communities thriving. This in turn creates jobs and boosts local economies. For all these reasons, it is important that historic properties can be preserved wherever possible, but it is also crucial that the work is completed in a way that’s as safe and efficient as possible. We enable this with our range of professional and attentive support services.

Here at Denon Construction, we are leading and trusted suppliers of temporary works solutions, providing a high quality service to support the repair and restoration of structures and buildings throughout the country. Our temporary works help to prevent potentially dangerous collapses whilst certain parts of structures are repaired, removed, relocated or altered. This helps you avoid expensive project interruptions and repairs.

Large scale regeneration work demands high calibre services and unfaltering structural support, and we have completed many complex and challenging projects, including providing support for strengthening work carried out on London Bridge. Our strategic solutions provide the crucial support needed to successfully complete regeneration work on unstable buildings of all sizes and types. Our vast experience, quality equipment and industry knowledge assures our capacity to deliver cost-efficient project support.