Denon Construction specialises in a comprehensive range of propping solutions for the construction and demolition industries. Being one of the leading companies in the UK for this service, only shows that we perform to the highest standards, particularly regarding how our work is carried out in terms of Health and Safety regulations. We always ensure that we meet competencies of temporary works to ensure stability.

Our wide range covers both light and heavy industrial needs. This is why you can trust in our knowledge of anything that supports any buildings in the process of construction. In the past we have been involved in numerous projects, including work on London Bridge.

An example of where our services could have come in use is the recent incident that took place in Edinburgh. During Storm Gertrude there were extremely high winds in the area. This resulted in the structure of Oxgangs Primary school suffering a partially collapse. This raised concern as to why the building collapsed so easily, especially as there could have been children walking where the wall gave way.

Since the incident, investigations have been carried out and it has been found that the connection from the steel beams to the wall didn’t even exist. This left the wall unstable in heavy winds. Other schools had to undergo inspection as well as a result of the incident. It was found that 17 other schools needed to be temporarily shut due to the instability.

The questioned PPP contractors had cut corners deliberately. For example, in the wall panels there should be 100 wall ties, but instead there were 80. The excuse for these corners being cut was due to penalties being issued if the project was not completed on time.

Rushing projects is dangerous and can cost lives. It is always better to proceed with care and caution, following plans to the letter. In additional all structural propping should ensure it meets the competencies of temporary works. This will result in maximum stability whilst the work is ongoing.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for information on temporary construction solutions.