Damage to bridges is an increasingly common problem facing the UK today. There are many reasons for the climbing number of bridges being reported as unsafe, and many of them are unavoidable. Little can be done to ensure bridges do not become damaged, which means that work to repair them as soon as possible is even more vital.

Of all the problems affecting bridges, the most common is age. The UK is home to a great number of historic bridges, some of them standing for hundreds of years. While their age is testament to the quality of the build, it is important to remember they were built at a time which did not anticipate the demands bridges face in the present day. Many of these historic bridges now struggle to cope with the sheer weight and volume of traffic which crosses them every day.

However, modern bridges also require repairs and maintenance from time to time to stay at their best. We’ve had a few severe storms across the country in recent years and this has inevitably weakened many structures, resulting in unstable buildings and bridges. Even the toughest, strongest and most recently built bridges can be compromised if weather conditions are harsh enough.

Bridges are absolutely vital for travel and transportation around the country, and are often the only route it’s possible to take between two given points. This is why we are dedicated to their swift and efficient repair and restoration, no matter how extensive the damage may be. Over the years we have built a proud reputation for delivering construction support services which are as fast as they are reliable.

When it comes to bridge support work, our unique design sectional girder support has been used to quickly stabilise many bridges suffering from damage and deterioration until a comprehensive repair can be carried out. As our girders are pre-assembled, they can be quickly installed to limit the prospect of further damage. They also allow for both construction and repair work to take place while controlled standard use of the bridge is made.