The staircases leading from London Bridge to the Riverside are vital for pedestrians but there are challenges to overcome. They need to be designed so that they provide a safe, effective route that doesn’t encourage anti-social behaviour. A new staircase was installed recently to replace one from the 1970s that was unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially at night.

Designing a new staircase for the location was very tricky. This part of London Bridge is sandwiched between another structure, limiting space. No vertical load could be carried by the bridge or the river wall either. As a result piles had to be used. This wasn’t a simple selection either though because of the infrastructure for the Northern Line. As a result the piles had to be exactly 13.5 metres long and installed with the utmost care because the tunnel for the Tube was just 1.5 metres deeper.

The Denon Construction team was proud to be involved in the project to install the elegant, spacious new staircase. Our job was to provide propping and strengthening for the tidal chambers so the installation could take place and to prevent drainage from being affected. Luckily our position as one of the best Megashor temporary installers made us perfect for the job.

Possibly the most difficult aspect of the project was physically installing the propping within the tidal chambers. This involved working in some very tight enclosed spaces. Fortunately our team are very highly trained, possessing the credentials to work within these settings. The Megashor system we perfect too because it is modular and easier to fit into these spaces.

The new staircase was prefabricated offsite and delivered in four sections. These were lowered over the side of London Bridge and fixed into place. The whole project was a success and the new route is stable, spacious, and eye-catching.

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