There’s an age-old proverb that states there are three types of service. Good, cheap and fast. The problem with this lies in the fact you can only pick two of those services at a time:   

  • A good and cheap service won’t be fast.  
  • A fast and good service won’t be cheap.  
  • A cheap and fast service won’t be good.  

Joanne Sheader, Financial Director of Denon Construction and Site Services, believes strongly in this saying and she gives her opinion on how it correlates with the expert service Denon offers across the UK and how the company sets itself apart from the competition.   

Joanne said: “We’ve all been guilty of looking for a cheaper deal in terms of business or personal situations, but you don’t realise that sometimes you may not be getting that great of a deal.  

“When we say at Denon that our packages are inclusive we mean they are fully comprehensive.  

“There is no small print and no hidden fees. With some providers there are add-on costs for a lot of things. We tell you how much it’s going to cost and that’s it. The only variable will be the duration in time of the rental.  

“A few times we’ve had people come back to us after thinking we’re too expensive and realised that what they were quoted elsewhere was just the cost of rental.  

“As a company, we offer not only rental but design, installation and management by personnel and fully qualified temporary works coordinators and supervisors for every job.   

“We’re experts at what we do here at Denon. Health and Safety is of foremost importance. The personnel we provide to your site are like our family and we pride ourselves on keeping that family safe. Their health and safety at work and that of others on site is paramount.” 

In the temporary works industry, a cheap deal could mean a dangerous working environment for all workers on site. This in turn can have a detrimental effect on the reputation of those involved and the industry as a whole.  

Joanne continues: “At Denon we fully believe in the importance of a team made up of trained and competent individuals. To be competent at something you have to have experience on your side.  

“Of course, potential clients can take their pick of who to work with in the market, but they must remember that if you’re good and cheap then you won’t be fast and if you’re good and fast then you won’t be cheap.  

“A tip from me for anyone that is thinking about choosing to work with someone because they’re a lot cheaper than the competition is to make sure you’re measuring like for like.  

“Sometimes it won’t be and because we can put such a comprehensive quote together for our clients you’re not getting the same as a straight off the shelf deal. 

“Finally, look at the health and safety record of every company you work with. Don’t sacrifice the safety of your people for a cheaper offer.”  

Denon is accredited with CHAS, Constructionline, Safe Contractor, CITB and is qualified as temporary works coordinators enabling the company to issue permits to load and temporary work inspections and the company is fully compliant with the BS5975 guidelines. 

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