There are many historic buildings throughout the country which are striking examples of a particular architectural style, but due to their age and outdated design, they do not meet the needs of modern life. One of the most striking features of urban regeneration is the ability to bring the interior of a building up to modern living standards, while still retaining the traditional appearance of the exterior.

This is enabled by the process of facade retention, which is focused primarily on ensuring that the outer walls and supporting structure remain strong and secure while the interior is overhauled. There are various different tasks and processes involved in successful facade retention, and our skilled team have contributed to many of these types of projects throughout the country.

While many regeneration projects are focused on retaining the outside appearance of a building, keeping the property safe is always the priority. Each and every project is unique and requires a different solution to ensure maximum stability for the property. There can never be a universal approach to facade retention which would be suitable for all buildings in the UK.

The only way to achieve success is through understanding both the current condition of a building and the kinds of alterations it will go through. We have delivered consistent success by meeting both of these requirements. We design bespoke support systems for each individual building and install them to the highest standards of skill and attention to detail, ensuring that the facade remains strong and supported even when extensive work is going on inside the building.

Regeneration gives us the chance to preserve historic buildings that from the outside may look decades or even centuries old, yet have all the design features and sensibilities needed by modern residents and businesses. No matter how old a building is, or what nature of regeneration work is required, we are the leading name for providing facade retention services which help ensure success.