At Denon Construction we are demolition contractors who provide tailored demolition solutions in London to ensure your redevelopment projects are completed smoothly. We understand each demolition project is different so we will take the time to understand your requirements when getting ready to dismantle a structure so that we can implement the appropriate approach to your site.

Safety of people on-site and the surrounding areas is of utmost importance when it comes to demolition and structural alterations. So our experienced team will liaise with the relevant health and safety executive, local authorities and utility companies, as well as surveying the structures to effectively plan the demolition operation. We will also guarantee that all correct propping and support systems are in place. This ensures all measures are in place to complete the task carefully.

Alongside our Brokk robotic demolition service that helps us complete a controlled demolition service, all of our contractors on site work under the guidance of an experienced project manager so that everything is completed on time.

The Brokk demolition robot we use is tracked and remote controlled to overcome challenges ,such as breaking concrete, and is fitted with different attachments to suit a range of tasks.

At Denon Construction we are dedicated to providing you with a reliable, outstanding service. So once our demolition contractors in London have completed the job, we will clear all materials that have gathered in a suitable manner so new work can begin. In order to be environmentally friendly we aim to recycle as much waste as possible.

Regardless if you need our help with a small scale residential demolition, or a large commercial building demolition, we have experience providing cost effective temporary work solutions at every type of property thanks to our expert team and state of the art equipment.

If you would like to use Denon Construction demolition contractors in London to assist with your structural alterations, please contact us on 0800 0096341.