It’s quite simple as to why structural supports are used; they provide the means for keeping things steady during construction or regeneration projects. In our many years of business, we have become an authority on the subject and we have the skills necessary to back this up.

A new railway bridge on the A18 Melton Ross has been planned and is expected to be installed as early as 2018, costing a hefty £7.6 million altogether. A number of design options have been presented for the replacement of the existing Melton Ross Railway Bridge and the realignment of the A18 and B1211. A final decision on the design is to be made after consultation with the residents.

Installing a new bridge will mean that it will be structurally strong for quite a long time. The design that will be implemented will hopefully cause the least amount of disruption to the residents and road users during construction. The temporary structural propping already in place on the existing structure is working effectively, but the solution isn’t really for the long term. Problems with the bridge and traffic restrictions have caused issues for the residents, so the officials are keen to have the replacement up as soon as possible.

There is already money in the funding pot but a bit extra is needed for the scheme to be delivered. The construction of the bridge will hopefully meet its 2018 goal and the construction process itself is expected to last a year and 18 months.

The new construction project this came about as the result of a routine inspection carried out in 2014 that found structural problems on the railway bridge. It wasn’t strong enough to hold the traffic it could before, so temporary restrictions were implemented and structural propping was utilised.

At Denon Construction we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to structural support. We have worked on structures of varying designs, including restaurants, schools, retail stores and bridges, and we have always provided a top-notch service. If you would like to find out more about our services, particularly within the regeneration field, feel free to get in touch.