Tower Crane Support

A tower crane is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to construction, used to lift and reposition heavy building materials. As with any kind of large structure, they are not entirely without risk. If a crane collapses, the results can be disastrous. One of the main causes of tower crane collapses and accidents is inadequate support in the design of the crane’s foundations. If there is a weakness in the crane’s base, it will be at risk of falling over and causing a serious safety hazard to any workers or members of the public who are in the area, as well as potentially ruining any construction work which has already been carried out and causing damage to surrounding buildings.

Top quality materials are one of the key factors affecting the strength and stability of the crane, and this is one area where we excel. We offer a wide and varied range of outstanding steel beams and columns which are used in numerous different applications, including the support systems and bases of tower cranes. Alongside the steel parts themselves, we provide a professional and skilled installation service carried out by our experienced team of steel erectors.

As with all our work, we are completely committed to health and safety when we are installing tower crane support systems, paying close attention to detail to ensure flawlessly finished installations that offer the ultimate in safety and stability. Each project is carefully and thoroughly planned and designed before the installation work goes ahead, complete with detailed risk assessments to identify any possible dangerous areas. The installations are managed by a highly experienced team who possess extensive knowledge in the field of tower crane support.

If you want to ensure that your construction project is living up to the required standards of safety and that you can complete the work without being delayed by accidents and unreliable equipment, you need to know you are working with the best. When you work with us, that is exactly what you will receive. We are fully dedicated to helping our clients maximise safety at all construction and demolition sites by providing durable temporary solutions, designed specifically for the demands of that particular workplace. Since being established in 2001, we have consistently updated our knowledge and equipment so we can continue providing our customers with dynamic, modern and relevant services throughout the whole of the North East.