Temporary Propping Installers

Temporary works are needed to retain structures in a wide array of different instances, including during construction, demolition, and when there are stability issues. In each case the system used must be fit for purpose and designed to suit the specifics of the project. Denon Construction has become one of the leading temporary propping installers in the UK because we understand this and can cater for various needs.

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Before installation can occur it is important to design the right propping. There are a number of different systems to choose from, each offering specific benefits and features. Our team are highly experienced and can work with a number of them. This means we will select the most appropriate one for the project, ensuring safety in the process.

Installing temporary propping can be tricky and requires a great deal of care, particularly when dealing with structures that may already be unstable. Fortunately our team can conduct full risk assessments in advance and determine the safest way to complete the installation. We will create a detailed plan, accounting for obstacles and risks to ensure efficiency.

The thing that really makes us stand out is we can install temporary propping in a wide array of locations, including both inside and outside of properties. Props can be used for facade retention, to support floors and roofing, to replace columns, and for creating new openings. They are even employed during basement developments, supporting the entire weight of the building above.

Our team are trained to work on a wide array of structures, including listed buildings. When installing propping we take care to protect the fabric of the structure and ensure there are no permanent alterations to it.

The level of training our team possesses coupled with excellent credentials makes us one of the very best temporary propping installers. We work closely with clients from a wide array of sectors to help them maintain safety throughout their projects. Once installed, the props will ensure stability even in changing conditions. We design systems from the outset to ensure this is the case.

Regardless of the scale of the project you can rely on the Denon Construction team to deliver outstanding services. We will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and recommendations.

If you have any questions about propping or installation please get in touch with us.