Temporary Propping Contractors

Denon Construction has grown to be one of the most versatile temporary propping contractors in the UK because of our ability to work with different systems. We are accomplished with Megashor and Slimshor, two of the most flexible and highly regarded products. With these we can create temporary works for all manner of light and heavy industrial needs, whether they are commercial or civil.

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The array of different applications we can take on is extensive. Over the years we have been called on to support unstable structures of all shapes and sizes, from listed buildings to bridges and formwork of various shapes and sizes. On each project we focus on safety, efficiency, and longevity. We also work to provide the best value for money possible too.

As well as unstable structures we also work on those that are being redeveloped. During these projects the alterations can change the loading of the existing structure and result in instability. This is expecially true if new openings are being created or if the floors are changing. Temporary works are used to prevent dangerous instability and to maximise safety.

A third type of project we work on is demolitions, including both stable and unstable buildings. The most crucial thing with demolition is to ensure that uncontrolled collapses don’t occur. These can be immensely dangerous to everybody on and around the site. To prevent a collapse propping is used to account for load changes or loss of support.

Our highly trained team of temporary propping contractors can design systems to suit any need, satisfying the specifics of the project. We can start off by doing risk assessments for you or utilise the information you provide us to deliver and install props. We will adapt to suit your requirements while maintaining the very highest standards of service.

We are proud to work all across the UK and are confident we can utilise our knowledge and experience to overcome any challenges. If necessary we will devise innovative solutions specifically for your project, achieving excellent safety standards.

You can find out more about us by browsing our website. There is a portfolio so you can see some of our projects and a useful testimonials page to get an idea what customers think of working with us. If you need any help or have questions for us, simply contact us and speak directly to a member of the team.