Temporary Bridge Building

At Denon Construction, we provide bridge engineering and building services across a range of structures. Whether you need urban, rural, industrial or even a pedestrian footbridge – our team have the knowledge and experience to complete the project to your desired requirements.

Bridge construction and engineering is a crucial task for both business and ensuring public safety. Our temporary bridge services have been employed by a number of consumers around the UK – including work even on the London Bridge. Likewise, we’ve offered bridge engineering and bridge support to construction companies, farmers, rail authorities and more.

Our bridge engineering team have more than 30 years experience under their belts, and our temporary bridges are sturdy and reliable. You can rest assured we’ll provide quality materials, precision and bridge engineering expertise.

Temporary Bridge Engineering and Building Services

Our temporary bridge services can be assembled on any ground and with the use of mechanical fixings. They suit companies that require a rapid and almost instant solution to their transport or logistical needs. As temporary bridge engineering is fast and relatively easy to assemble for our building contractors, we can move and disassemble with ease. We can adapt our solutions to suit your needs. Similarly, the temporary bridge support is fully functional, reliable and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Girder R700 – We can provide this modular panel girder system for clear span applications such as new bridge construction, viaducts, temporary pedestrian footbridges and temporary road bridges. The benefits of this system are sections can be pre-assembled and it’s versatility due to the range of available lengths. Single cord bending moment 1280kNm, 3312KnM with reinforcing cord.


Galliford Try Construction – Temporary pedestrian footbridge, Fairfield Railway Station Bridge

This 60mtr long temporary footbridge was built adjacent to the railway and lifted into place by crane whilst the original bridge over railway lines was strengthened and refurbished. This product was idea due to massive cost element of closing the railway services to the station; this bridge was lifted into place in a time slot of 6 hours.

Why choose Denon Construction

Our temporary modular bridges can provide a bespoke solution to your project. They are versatile, durable and can be installed quickly and safely.

  • Comprehensive range of temporary bridge services and designs
  • Fast installation as pre-assembled
  • Outstanding versatility with bridge design
  • Durable and high-quality materials and equipment
  • Easily transported machinery and equipment
  • Cost-efficient bridge engineering