Temporary Bridge Building, Temporary Pedestrian Foot Bridges & Temporary Road Bridges

When access to a certain area is cut off for any reason, it can result in huge inconvenience, which can be disastrous. There are many times when an area may temporarily need improved access to accommodate large numbers of people or vehicles, such as a big event or a festival. There may also be times when construction, demolition or development work cuts off the usual accessibility of an area to pedestrians, cars or public transport, in which case a temporary solution is urgently needed until the work is completed.

In these cases, we can provide temporary bridge building services for all kinds of situations, offering bespoke services to ensure excellent results every time. We know that every situation is different and needs a unique solution, which is why we have developed our services to be as adaptable and flexible as possible. No matter how simple or complex the task, we are confident we can provide the answer your project needs.

Our Girder R700 temporary bridge is a modular system which can be assembled in sections off site and then transported to the place where it is needed. This makes installation extremely fast and easy, saving you time and money and ensuring you have an accessible solution in place swiftly. It is available either in the form of a pedestrian footbridge or as a road bridge, and comes in many lengths to suit all kinds of situations. If you’re on a tight deadline or need to make an area accessible as quickly as possible, this is the ideal choice.

When it comes to temporary bridge construction, strength and safety are the two biggest priorities. You need to be certain that the bridge is durable enough to stand up to high volumes of foot traffic or vehicles, and that it has been constructed and installed by a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled team. When you are working with us, you can rest assured that you are working with the best. Our bridges are constructed from strong girders with reinforcing cords, providing superior strength that can stand up to any requirement.

With our many years of experience, state of the art equipment and professional approach to temporary bridge building, we are the first choice for any application requiring a temporary bridge. Please contact us to discover how we can benefit your project and ensure that the movement of people and vehicles can continue to flow smoothly, no matter what kind of work is going on.