Structural Support, Restraining to Unstable Buildings, Structural Column Removing & Structural Refurbishment

At Denon Construction we specialise in structural support and can offer a full range of temporary works solutions. We provide guidance and professional services to clients across several sectors, including those in the construction, civil engineering and petrochemical industries. Our wealth of experience and commitment to providing the highest level of service has made us a leading specialist in our field in the North East.

One of the cornerstones of our business is structural refurbishment. We can assist clients refurbishing all kinds of structures including buildings and bridges. We have the skills to design and implement several different shoring and propping systems to meet all kinds of requirements, including mega shore, slim shore and modular panelled girders. We will choose the best system to suit each project, ensuring the structure remains stable and safe throughout the refurbishment works.

One important task we are regularly contracted to undertake is providing restraining to unstable buildings. Several issues can lead to instability including worn and damaged building materials, poor workmanship and the loss or removal of vital supports. In order to make the property safe, a restraining system needs to be put in place. We are accomplished at providing these systems and ensuring that the property remains as stable as possible while work is being carried out.

Another area we are experienced in is the removal of structural columns. These are designed to increase the load bearing capacity of structures but may need to be removed when the property is refurbished due to damage or a new layout. Whenever a column is being removed, it is important to have supports in place to avoid instability or a collapse. We are well positioned to provide temporary support systems and advice if structural column removing is a part of your project.

Clients can rely on us to cater to their unique needs and offer bespoke temporary structures and solutions. We can provide a full contract service or step in wherever necessary, including providing erection or dismantling of supports only. Our team is made up of highly trained specialists with experience of working on a wide array of different sites. You can trust us to meet the highest standards in every aspect of our service.

The structural support systems we work with provide several benefits including facilitating fast installation and dismantling. Many of them are sectional and can be pre-assembled for even more speed, minimising the risk of delays on your project. For further information about any of our services please contact us.