Slimshor Temporary Installers

Slimshor is a heavy duty propping system that can be used for a wide array of different retention applications. At Denon Construction we have a lot of experience with it, understanding the fantastic benefits it can offer. The knowledge we possess and our commitment to offering the very best level of customer service has helped make us one of the best Slimshor temporary installers.

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The most impressive thing about Slimshor is its versatility. The system uses Super Slim Soldiers, adjustable jacks and end connections to create push-pull props. As a result of this modular nature it is possible to design systems to suit any kind of needs. Not surprisingly the versatility has seen these temporary works used for various civil engineering and commercial projects, from bridges to formwork support and backpropping.

One of the main reasons Slimshor is so popular is that it allows fast installation. As a result disruptions are reduced substantially and unstable structures can quickly be given the support they need.

In addition the system is known to be immensely safe whether used on vertical, horizontal, or raking applications. The Super Slim Soldiers are made from high yield steel, giving them an outstanding maximum load capacity and great strength. The manufacturing is done with precision to make sure all components are consistent and high quality.

Slimshor is also highly regarded because it is very easy to use. The components connect easily and end connections can be selected to suit different needs. The props are adjustable and can be positioned in various locations. This makes it an incredibly useful system.

At Denon Construction we can use Slimshor for a wide array of different propping needs. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on, not to mention excellent credentials such as IOSH, NEBOSH, and CHAS accreditation. This means that we can deliver safe, reliable, efficient services for all of our clients.

Over the years we have worked in various sectors and specific industries, catering for a myriad of specific needs. We take care on each and every project, working closely with clients to achieve the maximum standards. Safety is always our main focus at every stage of a project, from design all the way to the removal of props.

If you need help from one of the most highly skilled Slimshor temporary installers in the UK, please get in touch with our team.