Megashor Temporary Installers

At Denon Construction we are committed to providing the right temporary works solutions to maximise safety and stability. Our team have outstanding training, extensive knowledge, and great credentials. Our reputation is built on offering excellent customer service and attaining the highest standards. In particular we have become one of the very best Megashor temporary installers.

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Our familiarity with Megashor is one of the reasons we are so accomplished at using it. Previous experience of working at the manufacturer RMD Kwikform means we have knowledge that other providers can’t replicate. It also allows us to use the system effectively in a huge array of different settings on numerous projects.

There are many reasons why Megashor is one of the most highly regarded propping systems. In particular it is celebrated for its ability to support high axial loading. The modular nature of the system is the real stand-out feature though. This makes it immensely versatile and useful for so many different projects. The props, towers, and trusses are very strong and durable, ensuring safety. On top of this there is also a huge array of different accessories on offer for use with the system.

The wealth of knowledge the Denon Construction team possesses means we can design the right propping solution for various applications. When planning we will address risks and hazards to ensure we achieve the highest standards of health and safety. We will also carefully calculate exactly how many components are needed and where they shall be placed to provide stability for the entire project.

In our role as Megashor temporary installers we can handle the installation of propping, trusses, and towers in numerous locations. The system can support excavations, structures of various shapes and sizes, and has even been approved for supporting bridges that remain open to live traffic.

When you choose to work with us you can expect the very best support from the outset of the project until the conclusion. Our team will handle the design of temporary works, installation, and ongoing maintenance too. If you ever encounter any difficulties we can be on hand to provide recommendations. This provides excellent peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss the specifics of a project with us please get in touch. We assure you the Megashor temporary works we provide will meet the required standards and can be installed efficiently with minimal disruptions.