Facade Retention

Facade retention is a very important service we provide. It is designed to preserve the facades of properties whilst allowing them to be redeveloped and put to different use. This is an effective way of retaining the aesthetics and history of a structure whilst simultaneously changing the inner layout to meet new needs.

At Denon Construction we have the skills to retain the facades of buildings from various eras. Whether they are to be retained because they are architecturally significant, highly decorated, or any other reason, we will provide the temporary works to ensure they remain. All care is taken to make sure the systems we provide don’t damage the surfaces in the process of retaining them too.

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Each facade is unique and presents its own individual challenges based on the construction materials, the design, and even the location and orientation. Fortunately we have experience with both MegaShor and Slimshor propping systems. Each of them is versatile and incredibly strong. This means it is easier to adapt to different needs and achieve excellent standards.

Our team have plenty of experience to call on when presented with unique challenges. We work closely with clients to familiarise ourselves with the project and the specific requirements. As a result we can provide the right service from start to finish.

If you want a comprehensive service we can handle everything from the initial risk assessments to determine the propping requirements. Alternatively you can bring this information to us and we will set about designing a system. Whichever option you choose we will handle the installation on site once a design is finalised and provide ongoing support throughout your project.

Over the years we have been called on to provide facade retention in a wide array of different locations. The trickiest settings are busy built up areas where there is limited space between properties or problems with public roads. In these cases we can devise facade retention solutions that provide minimal disruption and maximum safety.

In some cases we need to create innovative solutions to overcome big challenges. We are fully prepared to do this and have a fantastic track record. You can get an idea of the projects we have been involved in on our portfolio page.

If you ever need help with facade retention Denon Construction is the team you want helping you. Contact us to discuss your project and to learn more about what services we can offer.