Facade Retention, Facade Stability, Mega Shore & Slim Shore

When a historic or listed building is being renovated, it is important to strike the right balance between having essential modern facilities while still preserving the original character and charm of the property. Facade retention is an essential service which keeps the original facade intact and standing strong while the interior structure of the property is being altered, and is just one of the many specialist services we offer.

We use shoring schemes to support the front facade and party walls while structural refurbishment is being carried out, protecting them from movements or impacts which could cause cracking and damage. This means that interior walls and floors can be removed, altered, changed and rearranged without the front of the property or any neighbouring buildings being adversely affected. Once the interior refurbishment is complete, the original facade can be connected and the shoring structures removed, resulting in a building which is practical and works well for modern occupants but still possesses its valuable original character. We can use mega shore or slim shore solutions, or a combination of the two, ensuring optimum stability and strength.

We understand that every structure is unique and will pose its own challenges, which is why our experienced team work to find the most suitable solutions for each individual task. All shoring structures are meticulously planned and designed before being put in place, and we make sure that all work is completed within your budget and inside the required timeframe. We take the time to thoroughly understand the building before any work goes ahead, including the age of the property, its materials, its layout and form, and its relationship to surrounding properties. All of these factors will have an impact on the type of shoring system we design and install.

Attention to detail is key to successful renovation and refurbishment projects, and this is exactly what we provide, working hard to preserve the valuable individual qualities of each facade while interior work is being carried out. Shoring systems can be major and extensive structures in their own right, which is why you need to be certain you are working with a highly skilled and reliable team. We have extensive experience working on listed and historic buildings and can implement strong, cost effective shoring solutions for all tasks, no matter how simple or complex.