Confined Space Demolition, Specialized Demolition & Confined Space

In the construction and demolition industry, there is a constant need to overcome the challenges of working in confined spaces and in areas where access is restricted. In the past, workers may have had to risk their safety by entering confined spaces in order to facilitate the work. However, with ever-evolving technology at our fingertips, many of these challenges can now be overcome in much safer and more efficient ways.

As a dynamic and modern company, we fully understand the need to keep up with the latest developments in the industry and have invested in state of the art robotic equipment which resolves the issue of confined space demolition in a practical, cost effective and safe way.

Our demolition robots are extremely compact and easy to manoeuvre by remote control, which allows them to access confined and difficult areas with relative ease. They are capable of completing highly controlled demolitions, allowing for accurate and focused work. The areas that need to be demolished will be taken down safely and swiftly, without any damage being caused to surrounding areas or structures. Each robot can be fitted with a variety of attachments for completing different tasks, and they can move easily over many types of terrain.

These specialized demolition robots do not only allow for improved access; they also greatly enhance health and safety at a demolition site, as they eliminate the need for an operator to be in close proximity to the structure as it is taken down. Instead, operators can remain at a distance and handle the equipment via remote control, keeping them safely out of the way of falling debris, toxic fumes and other potential safety hazards. The equipment also removes much of the physical labour involved in demolition, so workers will be less likely to make mistakes or experience accidents due to fatigue.

Although our robotic demolition equipment is compact, it is powerful enough to handle any kind of material and can be used for all kinds of demolition projects. With our combination of professional experience and top quality equipment, even the most confined space or difficult demolition is no problem. If you are interested in finding out how robotic equipment can help you to increase accuracy and efficiency at your demolition project while simultaneously improving safety and increasing your potential for profit, get in touch.