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Rushing projects can result in collapses

The importance of using structural propping and supports that meet the relevant competencies of temporary works in regeneration projects was revealed in a dramatic way at the end of March. At around 1am a five bedroom home near Kingston Hill in South West London collapsed, leaving a pile of rubble in an excavated basement space. The property had been valued at £1.15 million in April 2016. Continue reading

New life for the city of Swansea

Being a leading temporary works company, we make it a point to work towards achieving the high standards that are expected from us. Supplying an impressive range of products and services, we have the means to meet a host of light and heavy industrial requirements. Whatever your requests happen to be, we will do what we can to fulfil them. This is especially true with projects that consist of structural alterations in city centres. Continue reading

A premature collapse for a cinema demolition project

As a leading UK company in the field of temporary works, we are able to provide an impressive range of solutions to both the demolition and construction industries. Always performing to the highest of standards, we aim to leave clients with a great lasting impression of our work. Able to conform to a wide array of specifications, we are the ones to call if you need to use structural propping within renovation. Continue reading

Minimising disruptions during structurtal alterations in city centres

As a leading UK temporary works specialist we are able to fulfil a considerable number of requirements for our clients. We can adapt to the specifics of every single project, ensuring we provide supports and props to suit the accessibility and stability problems with the specific property. We even have the skills to work on structural alterations in city centres, providing solutions that minimise disruptions and maximise safety. Continue reading

The new PAS 8811:2017 guide for temporary works for clients

Although HSE has determined the competencies of temporary works required for safe use of propping and retention systems, there are other standards to be aware of. The most important of these is BS 5975:2008 and its A1:2011 update. It provides practical guidelines, including details of relevant legislation, information about designs, and clear information about procedural controls. Continue reading

A wonderful new extension for a historical site

First established during the year 2001, ours is a temporary works company that aims to provide nothing less than a first class service to its customers. Our solutions are cost effective, innovative and above all else, bespoke, making them a highly versatile option. We are particularly accomplished at projects such as structural alterations in city centres, accounting for the specific hazards and challenges the work presents. Continue reading

A new museum to bring out the essence of the old

As a leading company when it comes to temporary works, we offer our clients in a wide array of industries an impressive selection of solutions. Ideal for heavy and light industrial requirements, the support and propping systems that we make use of adhere to Health & Safety regulations. On top of this we are committed to delivering both customer satisfaction and value for money. Therefore, whenever you consider structural propping within renovation, we are the ones to contact. Continue reading

The role of the PWD

As a company that specialises in temporary works, it should only make sense that we are aware of the standards set out for such an area. By following said guidelines we can be sure that the work we conduct is legal, proper and safe. If you are looking for a company that always puts safety first, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading