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Lynda is our Great North Runner

Newly appointed Business Development Co-ordinator Lynda Reid has put on her running shoes and tackled the Great North Run in support of a charity close to her heart.

Lynda, from Seaton Carew, who joined the team in August, ran the 13.2-mile half marathon in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust because her niece suffers from the condition.

Lynda said: “Last year I couldn’t even run half a mile, so this is a big challenge. My niece Leanne, who’s 33, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and she’s amazing. She’s a warrior, nothing fazes her, and she’s even climbed Kilimanjaro so is an absolute inspiration to me.

“I wanted to do something to make her proud of me for a change. I joined a little running club for beginners called ‘Yes You Can’ running club in Hartlepool and they’ve been so motivational, and they’ve helped me believe in myself again.

“I was so giddy before the half marathon. I knew it was going to be difficult and I knew it would painful, but I loved it.”

So far Lynda has raised £1,250 for Cystic Fibrosis Trust UK and £950 for the CF Isle of Man branch where Lynda and Leanne are both from. She has also lost over 2.5 stone during the training.

Lynda said: “I’ve now raised over £2,000 so I knew I was not going to give up until I completed the race! It was gruelling and tough, but the crowds were unbelievable and kept me going. I threw up at the end and needed lie down but it was totally worth it.”

Directors at Denon Construction have also pledged their support to Lynda and have donated £200 to help her exceed her original target of 1,000.

Joanne Sheader, Finance Director of Denon, said: “Lynda has overcome incredible challenges in her training. At the start she struggled running short distances but the effort she has put in is incredible and we’re all very proud of her.

“To run such a distance in the heat is amazing the cause she was fund-raising for was very personal to her. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to contribute towards such a tremendous goal.

“As Lynda has shown us, people living with Cystic Fibrosis are required to take such an amount of medication in order to help them live a normal life, that foundations such as the Cystic Fibrosis Trust need all of the assistance they can get and I’m happy we had the opportunity to support Lynda and her family.”

If you’re interested in ways you can get involved in supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in the UK, click here:

Denon Construction is fully propped for success with expansion and appointment

UK wide temporary works specialists Denon Construction has welcomed new members of staff to its thriving sales team. The company has also seen fit to expand from its previous office space to a brand-new state of the art Northern headquarters at Hartlepool’s Innovation Centre.  

Rod Sheader, Director of Denon Construction, said: “We formed the company over 15 years ago after we identified an element of the market that wasn’t being serviced properly by the construction companies we were working with. We pride ourselves on being a professional family-run temporary works installation company.  

“We decided after 15 years of working in a small office with a small management team to increase the business sustainably. And through that the first port of call was to increase our office space, which in turn allowed us to increase our sales force.  

“We’ve now further increased the sales force with the introduction of another two key members of staff who are responsible for increasing the sale profile of our company.”  

Lynda Reid has joined the Denon team after spending a career in a variety of different roles around the country, including Sales Manager at CPP Group UK, Training Consultant and Project Manager at cap hpi and Head of Business Support at Elmfield Training.  

Lynda, who has joined the team as Business Development Coordinator, said: “It’s been a really good fit and I instantly got on with everyone on the team. 

“I’m hoping to raise the profile of Denon, with my ultimate goal to increase sales so we can reach our ambitious target within the next financial year.  

 “I have a varied past when it comes to my employment history, ranging from military experience, training management and development roles and I hope to play a role in the success of the company.” 

Denon Construction and Site Services offers an extensive range of products to cater for all light and heavy industrial requirements, including Façade Retention, Bridge Support and Propping and Needling and has worked across the UK.  

For more information on the services Denon provides or to get a quote, contact us on 01429 874 565.

Good, cheap or fast: What’s important?  

There’s an age-old proverb that states there are three types of service. Good, cheap and fast. The problem with this lies in the fact you can only pick two of those services at a time:   

  • A good and cheap service won’t be fast.  
  • A fast and good service won’t be cheap.  
  • A cheap and fast service won’t be good.  

Joanne Sheader, Financial Director of Denon Construction and Site Services, believes strongly in this saying and she gives her opinion on how it correlates with the expert service Denon offers across the UK and how the company sets itself apart from the competition.   

Joanne said: “We’ve all been guilty of looking for a cheaper deal in terms of business or personal situations, but you don’t realise that sometimes you may not be getting that great of a deal.  

“When we say at Denon that our packages are inclusive we mean they are fully comprehensive.  

“There is no small print and no hidden fees. With some providers there are add-on costs for a lot of things. We tell you how much it’s going to cost and that’s it. The only variable will be the duration in time of the rental.  

“A few times we’ve had people come back to us after thinking we’re too expensive and realised that what they were quoted elsewhere was just the cost of rental.  

“As a company, we offer not only rental but design, installation and management by personnel and fully qualified temporary works coordinators and supervisors for every job.   

“We’re experts at what we do here at Denon. Health and Safety is of foremost importance. The personnel we provide to your site are like our family and we pride ourselves on keeping that family safe. Their health and safety at work and that of others on site is paramount.” 

In the temporary works industry, a cheap deal could mean a dangerous working environment for all workers on site. This in turn can have a detrimental effect on the reputation of those involved and the industry as a whole.  

Joanne continues: “At Denon we fully believe in the importance of a team made up of trained and competent individuals. To be competent at something you have to have experience on your side.  

“Of course, potential clients can take their pick of who to work with in the market, but they must remember that if you’re good and cheap then you won’t be fast and if you’re good and fast then you won’t be cheap.  

“A tip from me for anyone that is thinking about choosing to work with someone because they’re a lot cheaper than the competition is to make sure you’re measuring like for like.  

“Sometimes it won’t be and because we can put such a comprehensive quote together for our clients you’re not getting the same as a straight off the shelf deal. 

“Finally, look at the health and safety record of every company you work with. Don’t sacrifice the safety of your people for a cheaper offer.”  

Denon is accredited with CHAS, Constructionline, Safe Contractor, CITB and is qualified as temporary works coordinators enabling the company to issue permits to load and temporary work inspections and the company is fully compliant with the BS5975 guidelines. 

For more information on the services provided by Denon Construction you can give us a call on or to see some of the work Denon has previously undertaken go to   

Denon aren’t shellfish when it comes to charity

Denon Construction will once again be supporting local charities at the 15th annual North East Oyster Festival on 28th September.

The festival, which was set up in 2004, has raised over £500,000 for local charities including Marie Curie, Daisy Chain, Zoe’s Place and this year’s beneficiary Butterwick Hospice.

Joanne Sheader, Financial Director of Denon Construction, said: “We’re very happy and incredibly proud to be supporting the Butterwick Hospice at this year’s event. Butterwick is a wonderful charity that does so much to care for terminally ill people in the Tees Valley.”

Over the last 15 years, The North East Oyster Festival has seen performances from world renowned musicians such as Tony Hadley, Paul Young and comedians Al Murray, Ardal O’Hanlon and Ed Byrne. This year’s headline act will be singer Gabrielle.

Joanne, said: “The Oyster Festival itself is a great team building day for our staff and it helps us to build relationships outside of the work environment and have a bit of fun in the process. It’s also nice to catch up with clients in a less formal setting.

“We went to both the Lobster Festival and the Oyster Festival last year and had a great time.  So, we know we’ll be enjoying ourselves this year.”

The festival also features a charity auction with members of the crowd in with a chance of claiming some great prizes.

“We haven’t got the best track record when it comes to the auction, (last year we bought a picture of two dairy cows thinking it was an auction for highland cattle. Too much Champaign I think!), but it’s always fun to take part!”

Marissa & Kizzi

Joanne concluded: “To have the opportunity to support a charity such as Butterwick is a great honour. Illness is something that effects every family in one way or another and to be able to donate to a cause such as this and give something to those with life limiting illnesses is incredibly important.

“I’m a Stem Cell donor myself and I would give my everything to help anyone in need. So many people take good health for granted and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a happy family. It’s up to people who are fortunate such as myself to give something back.”

For more information about the Oyster Festival and how you can get involved in what is described as a ‘fabulous event offering delicious food, fine win and superb live entertainment’ go to:

Never rush your projects

Denon Construction specialises in a comprehensive range of propping solutions for the construction and demolition industries. Being one of the leading companies in the UK for this service, only shows that we perform to the highest standards, particularly regarding how our work is carried out in terms of Health and Safety regulations. We always ensure that we meet competencies of temporary works to ensure stability. Continue reading

Which pubs will be next?

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Consolidation works made safer thanks to temporary propping

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Is a temporary works procedure necessary?

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A hotel caught in limbo

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A report that is long overdue

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