Brokk, Robotic Demolition, Controlled Demolition & Remote Demolition

Demolition can pose various safety risks, from the disturbance of potentially harmful dusts to falling debris and concrete. This is why health and safety are always our top priorities. We strive to ensure that both the people carrying out the work and the general public are protected from any potential hazards as much as possible, implementing a variety of safety measures according to the specific demands of the task at hand. Our Brokk robotic demolition services are one of the most effective ways to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is protected from the hazards of demolition.

Brokk robotic demolition equipment is amongst the most highly regarded in the world, combining state of the art remote control technology with superb power for swift and efficient work. When our highly experienced team are equipped with this outstanding machinery, you can always expect excellent results and have peace of mind that the work is being done as safely as possible.

Our cutting edge robotic equipment enables us to carry out demolition remotely, meaning that our operators do not have to be in close proximity to the structure being demolished. This naturally makes the process much safer as it removes the risk of accidents. With its innovative 3-phase electrical supply, there are no toxic fumes to worry about so the working environment remains much cleaner and safer for anybody who may be in the area.

The accuracy of the equipment means we can complete highly controlled demolition, preserving any areas that need to be preserved while safely taking down the parts of the building that need to be removed. As the machinery removes much of the physical work involved in demolition, our operators can keep going for longer and complete projects much more quickly, resulting in increased efficiency and saving you time and money.

Even the most challenging tasks are no problem when we are using this technique; the compact, easily manoeuvrable equipment can access confined spaces and other difficult situations much more efficiently than an operator could. With various different attachments, this robotic equipment can deal with many kinds of building materials and move over different terrains with ease, with minimal noise and vibration involved.

If you have a challenging demolition task to be completed, we are the company who can do it all to the highest standards, providing controlled work using the very latest and best robotic demolition equipment. Contact us for further information on how our services can enhance efficiency, improve safety and boost profits at your site.