Bridge Support, Bridge Jacking & Mabey Hire

When any kind of refurbishment or repair work is being carried out on a bridge, or if it has been weakened or damaged in any way, it is absolutely essential that there is adequate bridge support in place so that the structure is not at risk of collapsing. Many bridges provide vital connections for road users, so they cannot be out of service while work is ongoing due to the extensive disruption that would result. When the right bridge support system has been installed, the bridge can continue to be in use without posing a health and safety risk to the public.

There are various different ways to implement bridge support, and the technique used will depend on the size and design of the bridge, the materials, and various other factors. As we specialise in bridge jacking and support, amongst many other forms of temporary support structures, we will always work to find the most suitable solution for each individual situation. Planning and preparation are the keys to our success, so we will design a bespoke system for each bridge, ensuring optimum safety and stability. Every project is carefully planned and assessed before work begins so we can prepare for all eventualities.

The Girder 500 system is a versatile and lightweight sectional girder which can be used to support both straight and arched bridges. One of the biggest benefits of this system is the fact that it can be preassembled at another location, ensuring swift and efficient installation when it arrives at the site. This system can even be used in areas where access is restricted, and has proven to be very successful in a wide range of different applications and settings.

We also use the Mega-shore 1000kn system, a heavy duty bridge jacking system which is ideal for even the most challenging and heavy structures. This market-leading modular system offers easy installation combined with unbeatable strength, stability and support. Alongside these services, we can source Mabey hire for your bridge jacking and support projects. These trusted suppliers offer an extensive range of state of the art jacking and propping equipment, suitable for all kinds of tasks from the simplest to the most challenging.

If you are interested in our services, please get in touch and find out how we can implement practical, cost effective solutions for keeping bridges and other structures as stable as possible.