Basement Propping

Denon Construction has become one of the leading teams for temporary works in the UK because we can deliver safe, reliable solutions to suit different requirements. Our knowledge is extensive and we have a team with the highest qualifications. This means we can design supports to suit an array of different projects, including providing basement propping.

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Traditionally basements weren’t very popular in the UK but this has been changing dramatically since 2011, driven by demand in London. With limited space available many property owners have opted to dig down to extend their homes. In some cases the extensions are multi-floored and add a huge amount of floor space.

The challenge with digging a basement below an existing property is you need to ensure stability or an uncontrolled collapse could occur. This kind of incident could put everybody on the site at risk, affect neighbours, and result in the destruction of the entire property. As a result the greatest care and planning is needed.

The correct basement propping should be used on each and every project. It will provide stability for the structure above, preventing it from moving in various weather conditions, if the ground shifts, and when exposed to vibrations during the development. It should remain in place until permanent supports are constructed to bear the load.

The Denon Construction team is accomplished at this kind of temporary works, designing them with care and using the most innovative systems to maximise safety and stability. We provide full risk contract packages, looking at the design, loading requirements, installation, erection, and removal at the end of the project.

Our service stands out because we focus on overcoming challenges from the outset, selecting propping to suit the specific project. That way we can provide the most efficient service and simultaneously maximise safety.

As part of our services we ensure that clients receive the very best support from start to finish. We are always happy to share our experience and knowledge of temporary works. Customer care is very important to us and we have built a strong reputation as a result.

We have excellent credentials and always strive to deliver the highest level of service. If you are considering a basement development we urge you to call on us for advice and a comprehensive service. We will deliver the basement propping necessary to allow the project to proceed safely.