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Facade retention can make your structures sustainable and legal

Facade retention stands as one of our most valued and critical offerings. As its name implies, the technique was developed to maintain the facades on structures whilst they are undergoing redevelopments. It can also be used to support buildings that have become unstable for any reason, preventing the facade from collapsing and putting people in harm’s way. Continue reading

Anticipating risk when using temporary works

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to construction is that temporary works need to be designed and used with the same care and attention as permanent ones. Any corners that are cut could result in instability or even a collapse. As a result the systems should always be designed by experienced temporary propping contractors or structural engineers. Continue reading

Slimshor is quick, safe, and easy to work with

We are an establishment that specialises in temporary propping systems to retain structural integrity. Throughout the years, we have become known as expert Slimshor temporary installers, using our knowledge and talents to offer support to structures that are unstable or undergoing maintenance. Committed to providing quality results and adhering to the appropriate health & safety laws, you can count on us to perform a first class job. Continue reading

Megashor has incredible load bearing properties

Denon Construction is able to take on large scale projects where propping needs to be able hold many tonnes of weight and keep the structure stable. We posses a wealth of experience to call on but most importantly have access to highly regarded equipment. In particular we have earned a reputation as one of the very best Megashor temporary installers in the whole of the UK. Continue reading

Facade retentions offer both value and additional floors

Denon Construction specialises in a very particular area, namely that of temporary works. Every structure requires support whilst it is being adapted, demolished or retained and there’s no one better to supply it than our team. In particular we are accomplished at facade retention, able to provide solutions for properties of various ages. We are the people you will want to call if you’re in need of help in this area. Continue reading

Customisable props suitable for various applications

Megashor has a reputation as one of the most versatile ultra high-duty propping solutions. Its modular nature means it can be customised to reflect a wide array of different structural requirements. It also ensures it is suitable for use in a selection of enclosed spaces where it would be very tricky to erect other systems. At Denon Construction we have the honour of being one of the very best Megashor temporary installers. That means we are the go to company if you want to make use of the system. Continue reading