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Understanding peripheral and retaining walls

We are considered one of the top temporary works companies for several reasons. Firstly, we produce high quality results on each project. In addition, we take the necessary measures to ensure the client’s safety. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are capable of conjuring support solutions for a huge variety of projects. This includes the likes of basement propping. We are capable of overcoming any challenge that gets in our way. This makes us the team you can rely on to get the job done. Continue reading

Are temporary works the most important safety systems?

Temporary works are one of the most significant safety systems placed on construction sites. They are utilised to stabilise existing structures, whether they are to be retained or demolished. In addition, they are used as temporary platforms to allow contractors to work on the site. Without the props and scaffolds it would be impossible for tasks to commence safely. Continue reading

Expect unbeatable results from Megashor

During any construction project, stability and safety are essential. This is especially true if remedial works are taking place. With the training, experience, and equipment possessed by our people however, we are capable of meeting even the highest of standards. As some of the most skilled Megashor temporary installers around, you should consider employing our services if you require assistance. Continue reading

Why are steel props better than timber?

Traditionally all of the temporary works used to support overhead loads and for scaffolding were made of timber. This persisted until into the 20th century. The issue with using timber was that it required a lot of work upfront, particularly to cut sections to size and install them. In most instances the timber could not be re-used on another project once removed because it would not be the correct size. This resulted in higher costs and waste. Continue reading