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Selecting the right structural propping system

Structural support is absolutely crucial when it comes to regenerating a building or a vital piece of infrastructure such as a bridge. The supports are needed to retain the structure whilst changes are made, ensuring it is stable and safe to work on. They need to be put in place right at the beginning of the project, following an assessment of the stability and risks. Continue reading

Accounting for changes in loading

Demolition and regeneration projects in city centres are naturally more hazardous than similar projects in rural areas. The risk to the workers on the sites is the same but in the former there are more risks for people in the immediate vicinity, particularly in the busiest urban areas. In both cases it is essential that the structure is properly supported throughout the whole project. Continue reading

Stabilising the unstable in the construction industry

Industrial requirements can be small or large scale when it comes to construction, but this is no issue for our team. Since our establishment in 2001 we have steadily built up our company and have become one of the country’s leading temporary works specialists. We are confident we can offer a solution for every single project, including regenerations and new builds too. Continue reading

Long Term Investment In Construction Skills And Infrastructure

In terms of securing the future of the UK construction industry there are two key requirements which need to be met. These are ensuring that the national infrastructure can support future growth, and that the skills required to serve the industry are in place. The record levels of investment in the national transport system announced by the Government address both of these requirements. Continue reading

University of Bedfordshire Luton Campus Construction Work Continues

A priority for us in the UK – just as it is for virtually every other society – is to ensure a continued investment in education is made. The advancement of our nation in respect of every level depends on support, focus and investment all being made in the promotion of the benefits of further education for each new generation. It is in the spirit of this that the University of Bedfordshire has embarked on an ambitious project to invest in their celebrated Luton Campus. The project, which will see some £100 million invested over the course of five years, has reached a point which provides both a challenge and an opportunity to the construction industry. Continue reading

A solution for instability problems in an array of buildings

Buildings can become unstable for a wide array of reasons, whether it is using poor quality construction materials, bad plans and designs, ground movement, or neglect and wear over time. There are two courses of action with those ones that do suffer a loss of stability; either demolish them or conduct a restoration so they can be saved. In both cases the property must be made stable before work begins to ensure it is safe and not at risk of collapse. Continue reading

Avoiding collapses with the correct supports

Earlier in June there was a news story in Lewisham that effectively showed how important it is to consider the stability of a property throughout a project that includes structural alterations. The home in question had been purchased at auction for £665,000 with a valuation of £690,000. The new owner planned to extend it at the rear and side as well as renovating the interior. Continue reading

Work On Millennium Mills Redevelopment Project Continues

In recent weeks we’ve brought you a number of updates on the Millennium Mills redevelopment and structural refurbishment project. The rich architectural history of the site and the ambitious plans for its future has been well documented and met with overwhelmingly positive support for the initiative. We are understandably proud to be part of this project; one which is considered to be perhaps the largest in the history of London over the course of the last 70 or so years. Continue reading