Associated Demolition and Evacuation Support

Health and safety is of course absolutely crucial when undertaking any kind of demolition or construction project. There are many potential dangers involved in this kind of work, such as injuries from falling materials, disturbance of hazardous building materials, and falls from great heights. For these reasons, it is important that demolition is carried out in a controlled, carefully planned way to minimise the risks to workers and to the public.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of health and safety in everything we do, working hard to implement the most beneficial strategies for our clients, no matter how large or complex the project may be. When we are involved in your demolition project you can have confidence that everything is being done in a suitable way.

Preparation and planning are essential before any kind of demolition takes place. Risk assessments ensure that all potential areas of danger have been considered and that suitable measures have been put in place to minimise these risks. Our experienced team can provide a full risk contract package, covering evacuation support, design, supply, erection of steelwork systems, and all other relevant factors. We pay close attention to all important details, making sure that every important issue is comprehensively covered and all avenues have been explored.

Alongside planning, having access to suitable equipment is one of the most effective ways of cutting safety risks. Demolition and construction technology is evolving all the time, which is why we consistently update our knowledge and equipment and continue to provide the most relevant and up to date services to our clients. We have invested in state of the art robotic demolition equipment, and this has been one of the major factors enabling us to complete demolition tasks safely. This equipment can reach areas that human workers would not be able to, and as they eliminate the need for an operator to be close to the working area, they greatly reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.

If you have an associated demolition project to complete and want to make sure you are working with the best, get in touch. With our assistance, you can be certain your project is fulfilling all legal health and safety guidelines and that nobody is being put at unnecessary risk. We also pride ourselves on saving our customers time and money with the use of innovative equipment and detailed planning.